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I have Metabolic Syndrome(HBP, High Cholesterol, and Diabetes)as well as Graves disease(but am now hypo thyroid). I was sent to a diatician. I was put on a low carb, and low fat diet, as for the hbp, they really haven't done anything for me about that yet...seems that once I changed diets, and started to do more exerecise I haven't had a problem with the HBP, wow isn't it wonderful what we can do for ourselves with a change in these two things. I have only been on this for about two months but I have lost weight, and am starting to feel so much better. I am on lipitor, and metformin, and Armour. Mind you I am a type 2.

My mom, my grandmother and two uncles are type 2 diabetes. Although, my grandmother doesn't take meds anymore since she lost 100 lbs. She has kept her weight weight off for 20 yrs.My mom had graves disease and then she took the rai treatment. She now takes synthroid (levothroid). I wish her dr. would prescribe armour, but they won't. :dizzy: I can't understand why not.
Maybe your dr. is waiting to see if the thyroid settles down b4 treating the hbp. My mom was taking zocor, but she can't take statins. She is trying diet, exercise, and cholest-off. I will post next month her test results.

Did I mention she lost 62 lbs or something like that. I know it was a lot of weight. Before the exercise and diet, she could not walk 50 steps w/o stopping for breath. Now she walks three miles daily. Her heart disease is gone. But i know it was hard for her to keep up the regimen. Good luck and keep up the fight.