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Still on the Synthroid and won't be switching to Cytomel for a few more weeks. We delayed the uptake scan until early October so that I wouldn't be going hypo or trying to recover from it in September when I have to travel to a business conference.

I did contact my radiation oncologist about the strange sensations I've been having in my chest in the vicinity of the rib surgery. My gf had suggested I needed a PET scan (she teaches radiography) and the doctor agreed it could be useful. He got the pre-approval from my insurance and has it scheduled for this Friday. That proceedure doesn't require going off meds like the uptake scan. Who knows, it might even make the uptake scan unnecessary.

As for the remote possibility that non-dissolving sutures were used, Matya, I sure hope they will show up in your upcoming MRI, if they are there. I don't think they would show on a regular xray but I'm thinking they would be apparent in an MRI. Good luck.
Thanks for the update. We'll keep you in our thoughts and hope they find what has caused you so much grief.

I am doing fine but am waiting for the results from the PET scan. It was delayed a day due to equipment problems but was done this past Saturday. I called for the results today but was told they aren't in yet. I'm supposed to stop Synthroid tomorrow as the first step in preparing for the uptake scan in October but I'm hoping the PET scan will mean I won't need the uptake scan. That's a decision for the endo and I'll do whatever he says I should do, of course.

Good Luck Matya with the MRI! I am wondering if they left a bunch of guaze inside of your neck. Do you get a choking feeling? Also, like Archie said maybe it stitches that don't disolve and they should have put ones in that disolve. Duh! Do you think they may have damaged your vocal cords? So many possibilities of what could have happened to you. Keep being presistant and tell the doctors that you want to know why this is happening and what could have caused this. Take Care and Keep us up to date on your progress.

Archie: I hope you will get your PET scan results soon and you don't have to do the uptake scan so that you don't have to stop the synthroid. Let us know of your results. Take care and Keep us up to date on you progress also.

I have some good news! I went to see my 4th PCP and finally got a doc to do the Free T3 and the Free T4 and she is going to email another endo in the same clinic that I was going to see the other (1st) Endo. She wouldn't do the TPO or the TPO Ag because the fna says I have Hashi's. I am finally getting the treatment I deserve.