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Quote from KittenPaws:
I'm a bit confusing...

I get mixed symptoms between the two so i never know...

Before i was on medication my TSH was above 15 and i had extreme/fast weight loss, wasnt hungry all the time, extreme fatigue but huge bursts of energy, insomnia..guess i was too tired to sleep...if that can ever be the case, elevated temp (i think due to something else..), anxiety problems galore

in July my TSH was way lower 0.025, symptoms never really changed at all... in fact....i felt worse not really better at all.. anxiety has gone down some, insomnia/extreme fatigue, full neck feeling, and still my elevated temp..

is there such thing as being a hyper/hypo LOL...if there was i'd fit both.

Hi there, I've been suffering from hyper/hypo symptoms for over a year now. My TSH goes up & down. Docs tried Synthroid and it just made me 1000 times sicker.

I finally found a doctor who tested my thyroid antibodies. They are sky high, which is indicative of Hashimoto's. From what I'm learning, Hashi's can mean your thyroid is under attack, and you can go from hyper to hypo & back again.

In the past two weeks - my avg. body temp has gone from 97 to 99... and from being super-sleepy to insomnia. So I can tell I'm hyper again. I'm working with new doctors to try Armour and other natural things.

Ask your doc about testing your antibodies!! It may explain a lot. It sure has for me!! Good luck to you, I wish you all the best.