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It can still be benign, but even if it's not, you can live a long healthy happy life after a thyroidectomy, and even after thyroid cancer, because of all cancers, it's the easiest to treat, and curable.

It's very normal to be afraid of surgery. Your fear and anger are normal. The situation is scary. My surgery was really no big deal. I was home the following day, and I went to my neice's party for an hour or so the day after that. I was driving by day 4, but my neck was stiff for a few weeks, and my throat was a little sore.

The only time I felt yuck was when I went hypo for too long to prep for my RAI treatment because my nodule was cancerous.

Now, I'm on synthroid only, and thank god, everything is fine. I'm not fat, I'm not tired, I have no adrenal "insufficiency", my medication is monitored to prevent a recurrence.

Alot of the problems on this board are due to Hashimotos and graves, which not only make pp. hypo, but the antibodies can make them feel sick.

Take your anger and fear, and transfer it into strength. Fortify yourself, and you can get thru. this so easily. Next year, this will be a distant memory and you'll barely remember it---just like you probably don't remember much about this when you were 14.

BTW, my friend had a TT in Columbia Presb. hospital, and her surgeon usually does this without anesthesia!