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I have Hashimoto's Disease. I was dx back 2002. I was also tested for Lupus which came back negative. The only reason I think my dr wanted me to get checked is because I had some kind of speckled result from an ANA test that was done.

I had been doing good. I was on 125mcg of synthroid. I was going through a difficult time with my marriage. My children and I ended up moving away for a short period of time before we worked on our marriage. Well during that time I stopped taking my Rx. I actually felt even better than before. I was even losing weight.

On Friday I went in to see my regular GP because I had noticed that my left forearm and left calf were hurting and felt tight. She noticed my heart rate was high. Not sure if my girls starting kinder and the new adjustment of it had anything to do with it.

The dr sends me to have a doppler run on my arm and leg and the results are negative for DVT (deep vein thrombosis). That is great news, however, I am still hurting. I can barely swallow cause of my thyroid acting up again.

I regret getting off the synthroid now. I feel awful. I can barely lift anything and I am usually the one that does it all by myself without anyone's help.

Yesterday and today I noticed that I am not focusing on things around me like I normally do. I should not be driving that is for sure. I dont even trust myself on the road and I am an excellent driver. We were suppose to leave this morning on a thrip to a water park. My husband and my 2 daughters along with his family. Well he watned to cancel the trip because of how I was feeling but I would not do this to my girls. I promised that they could go this year. So here I am in tears cause I just said goodbye to my daughters and my husband because I had no strength to go.

Is there anything I can do to start feeling better? I know on Monday I will see my endo and get back on my meds. But what about the pain in my leg and arm? Do you take anything for pain? My face completely broke out. The worst break out I have ever had. I normally have a very clear complexion.

Do you think that anxiety may be playing a role in some of this? I have to drive 30 miles to take my girls to school. Everything is new to me and it has been overwhelming as well as it is for the girls. ON top of that I am very concerned about the safety of the girls at the school. It is not fenced in.

I dont know what anxiety is or how it would make me feel. I know, I am a mess right now.