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Hi, I am new here so I have a very long story. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidsm in Oct. (05). Was put on 25mcg. synthroid and in 4 weeks bumped up to 50mcg. My starting tsh was 8.86. T3 and T4 have always been normal. I started having terrible trouble sleeping. Went from 110lbs to 96lbs. and had terrible anxiety. I decided to see a Holistic Dr. to see what she could do for me. My specialist would not prescribe anything but Synthroid. The Holistic Dr. wanted me to try to jumpstart the thyroid and get it working again. She gave me Enzymatic Therapy Thyroid formula. I was hesitant on taking this because it has potassium iodide in it. (200mcg. per two pills) I was taking 4 a day. At first my tsh went down to 6.1 and then four weeks later jumped clear to 18. My question is should someone with hashis thyroiditis take iodine in this form or not? When I went back to her, she wanted me to take 6 pills instead of 4 now. I questioned her a couple times about the iodine and she says I need that to make thyroid hormone. I really do not want to go back to taking synthroid again and I'm scared to death to try Armour. What should I do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone ever heard of GTA Forte II and if so does it work?. Thanks
I am starting on armour next week, I have to get all this other stuff out of my system first.
Since the iodine worsened my condition and I have now stopped it will the tsh go back down?
I had a terrible time with synthroid, at one point I went to the ER and my liver enzymes were up, my potassium was slightly up and my calcium also. I have had numereous blood works, ekg's, chest x-rays, As far as I know everything checked out ok. When I stopped the synthroid everything went back to normal. Except the calcium still the high end of normal. Do you think the armour will do this to me? Sounds like most people do better on Armour than synthroid, so why are the docs so against prescribing it?
I am starting on 15mg armour, half pill in the morning. Then in a week, Half in the moring and half in the evening. Then blood work in 4 weeks. My tsh fluctuates alot, but after taking the stuff with iodine it was the worst its ever been at 18. Did I hurt myself by taking that stuff?
Im so scared starting the armour, but I have to get better. I just hope it doesn't cause the insomnia, blurred vision and terrible anxiety that the synthroid caused. My blood work was fine but I wasn't. Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated.
I doubt the iodine did any permanent damage.

I had a nightmare of a time with Synthroid myself. The smallest dose overmedicated me, sending my thyroid hormone levels over the limit. For some reason, it worked too well for me, so I had to stop it too. That MD wouldn't prescribe Armour, and because I wanted to try it, I saw a new MD. He used caution in prescribing it, due to my reaction to Synthroid. He started me at 30 mgs, and I didn't have the overmedication problem with that, so he increased it by 15 mgs after a month. After another month without a problem, he again increased it by 15 mgs... very, very slowly. After a year and a half, I got to 120 mgs without any overmed'n trouble.

Most MDs are anti-Armour because it's a natural product and because it contains T3. The synthetics like Synthroid are T4 only. They are taught in medical school that no one ever needs T3 because T4 converts to T3 in the body. That would be true in a perfect world, but my world isn't perfect.
The rest of the Synthroid-Armour battle is a long story. Suffice it to say that it's economic and political and too long to go into here. Just be glad you have an MD who's more open-minded than mainstream medicine.

Let us know how the Armour goes for you. Hope it works for you as well as for me.
Daisy01, not sure what you mean by multi-dosing, do you mean taking synthroid with armour? If so, I have not taken synthroid since around feb. or march and I hope I never have to again. How long have you been taking armour, do you have to take anything else with it? Sorry for all the questions but I'm really nervous about this, since the synthroid incident. I just want to be normal again. How long does it take to start to feel better? I am starting out very slowly with the armour because I do not tolerate medicine very well.