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I have stopped taking that Enzymatic Therapy, I have to get it out of my system for a week then I am starting on Armour. 15 mg. Half a pill for a week in the morning, then in another week Half in the morning and half in the afternoon. I am scared to death it will do to me what the synthroid did. When I took that I was on 50mcg and although my labs were normal, I went from 110lbs to 96 lbs, I could not sleep at all, terrible anxiety, blurred vison, lump in throat, it was horrible. At one point in the ER, my liver enzymes were high, potassium high, and calcium high. When I stopped taking the synthroid, everthing went back to normal, except calcium is at high end of normal. I've had numerous tests on other hormones and deficiencys, ekg's, chest x-rays and as far as I know everything was normal. Why did the synthroid do that to me? Why are docs so against prescribing armour? My endo would not precribe it. I had to get it from a nurse practitioner who deals with womens issues. She also worked in an endo's office before she went out on her own. I hope she can fix me. My holistic dr. referred me to her.
Does anyone ever feel normal again after starting treatment for hypthyroid? I am so worried about this.
Please no horror stories about armour, it will only make me worry. Would love to hear the success stories. Thanks