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Lore did you atleast start feeling better when you where taking meds for your hypo? My mother was diagnosed with hypo and when she started taking 112 mcg of synthroid she said she felt like a new person the same day. My only thaught is I have been feeling like this for about 3 years and wonder how long it will take for me to start feeling better. I just want the anxiety, brain fog, memory loss, confusion, and fatigue to go away.
Hello Faustino

I hear you, for a while I felt like what you are saying, the medication did help I was currently taking 150 mcg but now I'm taking 137 mcg again. I was diagnose with Graves in 2002 had and RAI treatment became permanently hypo they put me on Synthroid at 137 mcg worked for a while until they found that I was both Hyper and Hypo last year in 2005 so like I said doc thought I was hypo put me on 150 mcg of synthroid and now i'm hyper and synthroid was lowered. I have heard that for some poeople they feel fine after they start taking medication, like how you say about your mom. But honestly I havent felt better since 2002. Sometimes I do get fustrated on how I feel. I have tryed other medications of thyroid replacement but none have really worked still feel the same.
Well I hope they find out what going on with you exactly, I myself is looking for another Endo cause the one I have doesn't seems to get it and says I shouldnt be feeling If I'm taking synthroid. i had told her a while back about my anxiety she said it was not related to being Hypo or Hyper that it was a mental issue that I should seek a psychologist for that, oh pleaseeeeeee. After doing some research I found out that most people but not all with thyroid have panic or anxiety attacks sometimes in their lives. I was on Xanax a while back I had to be taken off that cause I was halucinating with the medication at night time. Once I was taken off of it I was fine.