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All I can say is that I have seen his wife, also an Endo at Loyola. I tried to see him, but it was many months for a first appointment vs. 8 weeks with her. I had also heard many good things about her, as I agree she was really listened and cares, BUT she DOES NOT prescribe any T3 treatment. She was stuck in her thinking and it took a lot of convincing just raise my Synthroid (at time) from 75 to 88. My Frees were low and TSH didn't move since last test, but in range. Even though she is very understanding, she seems to only treat by TSH and T4 numbers. I had to demand the Free T3 test from her. She also didn't think my chronic itching was related to my Hashi's antibodies or low Frees, but did prescribe something for it. I only saw her twice and moved on, it was a complete waste of my time, money, and insurance money. It left me devestated for weeks because I just felt worse than ever at that point.

Just my two cents worth. I do not know if her husband treats the same way, but did hear a rumor that he was no longer seeing patients because he was going to a Veterns Hospital, maybe Hines.