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I have been anemic for about a year and a half now. Today my Ferritin level was down to 1. All the tests show I am anemic and iron deficient. If I take supplements including the SlowFe I get sick to my stomach and usually throw up so it defeats the purpose. I have tried to eat the foods high in iron, but it doesn't seem to be helping at all. I had a complete hysterectomy in March of this year and I thought that would take care of things, but it hasn't. What can I do to keep the iron down or to get it into my system. I have already lost all my front teeth. I am exhausted all the time, but can't sleep because my joints all hurt so much. The only thing I am really hungry for is ice and I crave that constantly, but unless it is totally crushed it will chip my teeth that are left. I get short of breath and look really pale and people keep making comments. I am hypothyroid, but my numbers are good now. It was a little high for a while, but my Synthroid was decreased. I am also a Diabetic, but have been totally diet and exercise controlled for about 3 1/2 years. I do run into low blood sugar once in a while even though I know longer take any medication. I need some help with this problem!