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WELCOME :D jenlj ~

My first question to you is: how do you feel?? Are you having symtoms of Hypo? There is A LOT of valueable info at this site. You might try taking a quiz: [url]http://thyroid.about.com/[/url]

[quote]FT3 189 (210-440) - -T3 83 (60-181) - -TSH 1.01 (.49-4.67) - - T4 5.98 (4.5-12) - - TUP 42.29 (25.8-42.5)
By no means am I expert:rolleyes: , yet most patients feel more at their prime when T3 & 4's are in the upper 1/3 of the range. So I see trouble with both T3's and T4, while the TUP (what is that :confused: ) is so close to the boarder of high, that it could be TOO high also.

Yes, I believe these labs should be looked at by another Doctor. Some people think an Endocrinologist is the way to go. Personally, I couldn't wait for the referral, then the 4-6-10 weeks wait to see Doc after you have an app. So I went with a Dr. of Osteopathic Medicine, who had NO PROBS adding some Synthroid to Cytomel I'm already taking for Hypo-Thy. I've heard of other Thyroid patients having sucess with them also.

take care