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I am not an expert, but your test results look fine to me. I am hypothyroid (due to a partial thryoidectomy) as well as menopausal. Both can have similar symptoms. I have confused the symptoms in myself before. I take 100 mcg. of synthroid daily, and I am on a bio-identical hormone patch, a mild anti-depressant (Celexa), and take an anti-anxiety (Ativan) when needed. I am one of those people who Hates (with a capital H) to take meds., however the quality of my life from meno symptoms was miserable. Since the medical community became aware of the risks of taking hormones, the newest hormones for menopause are much safer now. My dosage is very low, and I know I won't be on it forever. My doctor monitors my very closely. The anti-depressent just helps to keep my moods a little more even, so I don't have such ups and downs in emotions. I am very pleased with the result of the Celexa, I also did not feel depressed or sad, but by releiving the emotional stress of the fluxuating hormones it helped me to think more clearly and make more rational decisions about my health care. I can now clearly determine what were menopausal symptoms, and what were thyroid symptoms. When the worst menopausal symptoms began I had a really hard time with anxiety, the Ativan helped that, and after just few weeks I didn't need it anymore.

Based on your family history, do not ignore that there may also be some thyroid problems coming in to play here, but the test results you posted do not indicate that it's anything urgent. Based on my own experiences, I'd advise to work on the menopausal symptoms first. When you get some relief from those problems, then do more research on any thyroid problems you may have.

My sympathy is with you. Either menopause or thyroid symptoms are miserable, and I know first hand what it's like to have both at the same time. Best of luck finding the solutions that best suit your individual needs.