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Hello, Isis. I don't mind telling how old I am. I will be 51 next month. I was diagnosed with thyroid disease in 1991, but I think I had it for quite a while. A friend of mine, a nurse, noticed I had a goiter, which no one else had noticed. I consulted a general physician and then a specialist for treatment. I'm doing very well on Synthroid, after taking doses of Tapazole to shrink the goiter. I did have the hyperactive thryroid at that time, but the Tapazole actually took the thyroid to hypo, at which time I began on Synthroid.

I honestly had no clue that thyroid disease affected my eyes! My endocrinologist did an additional test last year when I consulted him prior to my bleph surgery. He did an antibodies test, to see how successful I could expect the cosmetic surgery to be. It turns out that my antibodies are high, meaning the surgery might not be as effective had I not had the thyroid disease.

Nevertheless, I am so pleased! The upper lids are great, and the under-eye laser helped to tighten the stretched skin and smooth out the wrinkles.

I knew the risks involved with me having the U/L bleph. I decided to dismiss the thoughts of potential risks and proceed with the surgery. My delight upon waking from anesthesia was undescribable. I had a positive outlook the entire time, and was fortunate that the surgery was a complete success and I had no problems. Yes, I did have complete trust in my PS. That is so important, for sure.