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What are they going to do about her thyroid? Typically, they do a TSH test and if those #'s are high, it's hypothyroidism and if it's low, it's hyperthyroidism. But if they did different tests like t3 or t4, if those are low, it's hypothyroidism. If they're high, it's hyperthyroidism.

My guess (based solely on my own experience with hypothyroidism) is that she's hypothyroid. They'll probably start her on a very low dose of Synthroid (a synthetic t4 hormone). If she is hypothyroid, don't be surprised if the antidepressant she's on doesn't help her. But don't be discouraged. The positive thing is that once the thyroid hormone blood levels are back to normal, she may not need the antidepressant anymore.

I'm keeping a positive attitude and raising a lot of prayers for your mom, you and Bill.

Love, Barb