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Gee, Miss Kitty, that's a whole lot of stuff going on!

I'm going to address lots of things here, but right off I've an auto-i condition for which I get IVIG monthly...LOTS of needles! You are talking to someone who used to TOTALLY pass out at the sight of one coming in my direction...BUT you have to do what you have to do - SOO plain old DON'T LOOK...remember to breathe..not hold your breath and let it happen...Got it. I've gotten those IV lines into me w/little mishap for 2 1/2 years-not to mention extra blood tests [durn those vampires!]..not to mention the unsuccessful attempts. Mindwise just put yourself in a different place...best of THE PERFECTEST BEACH with the soft winds and surf etc. OR Think Car wreck!...it's all a different place from the NOW.

Auto-I diseases are first hinted at thru regular blood tests...leading to specialized tests that usually end up with the oft-dreaded Spinal Tap. For me it wasn't that bad, just follow the 'after-you've-been-done' instructions to the LETTER!. The worst part is the waiting...usually a month to 6 weeks.
'Web' up about the blood tests...get copies of your tests & results & LEARN...you'd be surprised at what you can find out...and, at times, confused.

As for legs swelling...how's your Thyroid? It happened to me-feet turned into giant BOATS that I couldn't walk on... It's all in the mix. Synthroid med adjustment? Perfect results. [The feet swelled up at least 3 shoe sizes]

So, I mite not have answered your main question, but at least others a bit. Good for you to find and get an advocate. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to get a second Rheumy opinion...second opinions are cheap compared to the damage a lazy doc can do...Docs KNOW how diligent/or not other docs are...keep them all on their toes - getting and keeping updated records yourself [and they cannot deny you this, tho you may have to pay] so any new doc's opinions can be based on the tests, and tests only for a new outlook.

Good thoughts and heart your way!