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Hey Deena ~

Basically I went to Norman cuz I couldn't WAIT 8-12-16 weeks to see Otsuko. (when your driving to work in TEARS of FRUSTRATION, its time to DO something) My T4's were [SIZE="3"].4 and I believe the bottom of the range is .8 Lets TALK :yawn: And Delgado wouldn't LET me add .25 mcg's Syn to Cytomel :mad:

I'm also VERY leary that Otsuko would try to start me back at SQUARE ONE ie ~>>[SIZE="3"]*just* Synthroid - - and I'm NOT going there Again. I would pay to see Damani or self medicate while doing my own bloodwork b4 I'll let that happen.

Honestly, I don't feel like .25 Syn & .50 Cytomel is the end of my Thy med road. There will be a few more adjustments before I get to PERKY. But I am on the way there :D