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was wondering if anyone knows anything about the 2 percent solution? i am reading this book by a doctor (i can't remember his name right now) - it's called "what your doctor might not tell you about hypothyroidism". the doctor and author of the book recommends asking your doc for the 2% solution, which is 98% T4 (synthroid) and 2% T3 (which i guess is armour or cytomel?) how do i ask the doc for this, and can anybody tell me what cytomel is as well as what is the definition of a "grain" of armour? i am currently taking armour 45 mg. thanks!
I read that book - Dr. Ken Blanchard wrote it. I don't have the math skills to figure out what the right combination of T4:T3 ... but I can't tolerate Synthroid anyway, so for me it's moot.

Armour is not the same thing as Cytomel. Armour is a naturally-derived porcine product consisting of both T4 and T3. Per grain, it contains 38 mcgs of T4 and 9 mcgs of T3. One grain is the same as 60 mgs.
Cytomel is synthetic T3 only. Synthroid is synthetic T4.

Why do you think you need to change to Blanchard's combo?

I am not sure if i need to change to dr. blanchard's solution, but so far, things are not working for me. First i was on synthroid, now armour, and i still feel like crap. someone mentioned to me that i need my adrenals checked, so that is my next course of duty. any suggestions? i was diagnosed with Hashi's about 3 months ago, and my doc says that my levels are "fine" and it must be "something else". however, i still feel awful