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Please Help, All coments welcome. I am a 34 year old 6'4" tall male. I weigh 212 lbs I have a mild beer belly but I do not drink . It is hard not fatty.To make a very long story short. I have no real diagnosis .In my years since this began I have learned that most doctors are IDIOTS and the others just don't want to bother if there is not common then they are baffled, that is about it.I have been experiencing many symptoms for the last five years I have believe I am close an answer.I am not a hypocondriac. PLEASE Tell me if I sound familiar to anyone. I suffer from very low energy, almost always tired but I seem to feel better late afternoon. I seem to get strange anxious type symptoms at times.The last time my heart rate was normal but my bp was 90/50 and I felt weird. I am not depressed.Correction I am not sad.I do get angry and anxious at times. I took effexor and had a very bad reaction to it last summer, IT felt like ICY hot was flowing through my veins. I was dizzy and anxious.I am always HOT, I cant tolerate warm , even slightly warm weather. I have the A/C set to 70 in my home.I often wake up all sweaty but no fever infact ofen I am a degree or so low, thyroid numbers are all good! also suffer from shoulder stiffness/pain. Arthritic pain in my hands/fingers. Major Gastro issues. Had my gallblader removed and no change. Sore legs/feet and back pain, expecially at night. Medical history: Hashi HYPOTHYROID that is under controll.I take Synthroid 180mcg and my labs are ALL in range for my thyroid.I have tried ARMOUR, CYTOMEL wiyh NO improvement I have LOW serum cortisol 0.04 in morning. MY liver function is NORMAL. I always have LOW potassium. LOW DHEA. HIGH oxalic acid.I have MILD osteopenia on a bone scan. MY blood calcium is normal. I have LOW growth hormone.I have kidney stones that keep forming. I have LOW testoserone. I am not DIABETIC or at least my sugar is Normal .I seem to urinate very frequently! way more then I use to 8 about times a day.Sometimes my urine is cloudy NO infection, Dipstick always shows normal. I think it's calcium in my urine. I go through what I call spells seemingly every other week. What is happing to me??????It is ruining my life, my marriage, everthing.I have a one year old son and I dont want his early memories of his dad always being ill.:confused: