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I understand, jessica-loo. My point was that synthetic thyroid hormone treatment doesn't cause hair loss. Some people do have hair loss as a symptom of thyroid malfunction, but the treatments don't cause that, either synthetic or "natural."

I suspect those who have problems with Synthroid are sometimes allergic to something in the fillers. If so, a switch to another synthetic brand (Levothroid, Levoxyl, Unithroid) is as valid a solution as Armour.

While it is true some hypo patients have a problem with T4 to T3 conversion, it is my belief the majority of hypo patients don't have that problem. I don't believe that is related, however, to my point that Synthroid doesn't cause hair loss. That is a whole other issue. Even if it was ok to debate it, I don't think that will get resolved here.

I have never had other than a TSH lab in the treatment of my hypothyroid condition. I am taking a synthetic hormone for treatment. There is an abundance of evidence I am getting great treatment and I am getting well. My doctor happened to prescribe Levothroid, but I have no evidence Synthroid, Levoxyl, Unithroid or even Armour would not work. I am, so far, not allergic to anything I have ever taken.

I have never had the FT4 or FT3 tests, but I am totally convinced the T4 to T3 conversion is taking place. How? Because I know how all that is supposed to work and, as my Levothroid is increased, the TSH goes down predictably and I feel, predictably, better. Therefore, I am convinced a Free T3 test is not the only way to know my body is doing the FT4 to FT3 conversion as it should. :)