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Wow reading this board has really made me know that there are many people in the same boat as me. Have a question and any replys would be greatly appreciated.
I had an ultrasound done on my thyroid and showed enlarged very echo heterogenous.(whatever that means). ok.. had uptake scan done was told that thyroid was only working 1.3%.. good is over 3%... thought problem was hashimotos.. reg doc did blood work said all was fine..
Went to an endo?? dr. on my own. They did blood work and I was called and told that my thyroglubin antibodies was positive at 209... and my tsh level was .045.. On the first visit dr put me on synthroid and still has me on it. I don't return until nov. 20..
Can anyone tell me what may be going on.. Hashimoto's .. or graves or what?? Doesn't seem like anything is right.. I do know that I Feel MISERABLE!!! extremly tired all the time, weight gain, blood pressure problems. Can there be anything else going on? I have read so much about cancer and it has scared me to death. I have read that hashi's is hard to diagnose...
Please any input is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!