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My sleep patterns got REALLY freaky :dizzy: when my hubby was doing chemo 5 years ago. (he's doing good :D now) I wasn't Hypo then. I'm 47 y/o who recently starting taking meds (again) for peri-menopausal symtoms also.

Last fall I had one non-cancerous enlarged lobe removed. Then went through 3.5+ months of hypo-H*** due to stupid Dr syndrome. In Feb 06, I started hypo-Thy meds. 1st med was Synthroid & I was LUCKY to get 4-5 hours of BRO- - -ken sleep on it. Getting on meds that have T3's helps SOME. I'm not OVER-medicated as my T4's are *low* by lab standards, while my T3's are mid-range with TSH at .05. I'm on 50 mcg's Cytomel / .050 mcg's of Levoxyl now. Sleep probs seem to be getting worse with increased Levoxyl dose , , ,

On rare occasions (s-Sigh!) I can get 7-8 hours w/o any sleep aid. That is HEAVEN. But more often than not, I wake after 4 or 5 hours of sleep. This will occurs for NIGHTS in-a-row:eek:

:confused: Curious how many had or have this lack-of-:yawn:-sleep problem :confused:
Perhaps (p-l-e-a-s-e) sleep problems will mellow out once my T4's are more in line :confused:

Your experience & input greatly appreciated,
Sue :yawn:
Thankfully my Osteopathic Doc had no probs with me using a prescription sleep aid 1-2 times weekly.