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Hi everyone,
I started as a new poster last week (thanks for the support so far--it's great to have found other people trying to figure this thing out, too!), and I thought I would post my new labs and ask a quick couple of questions.

TSH- 5.81 (my lab still uses the 5 upper limit)
T4 Free- .9 (low end of range=.4)
Total T4- 4.8 (low end of range=4.4)
T3 uptake- 35 (sorry didn't write down the range, but also low end of normal)

Anti TPO 29 (positive=greater than 20)
Anti Thyroglobin 235 (positive=greater than 35)

So, the diagnosis was Hashi's, and my doctor is ordering a bunch of tests to rule out other autoimmune diseases, and prescribed 25mg of Synthroid every other day to start, since TSH is only mildly elevated and the T4 and T3 were still in normal range.

My questions:
I ended up with generic rather than Synthroid at the pharmacy--they were out of the brand name--should I request Synthroid when I refill, or stick with the generic?

Does this dose seem abnormally small to begin with?

Thanks Sue, that does help. I thought the dose sounded small, from what I read, but since my T4 and T3 are "in normal range" my doctor wants to be careful not to go hyper...I just thought it seemed REALLY small. :) Good to know it's not just me.

I will also check with my insurance to find out what the cost will be about the Synthroid--never even thought about that aspect, so thank you...I read an article about the generics possibly bouncing my dose around AFTER I had already ok-d the generic at the pharmacy, but I think I will have a chance to change when I refill.

Also, I think I am going to ask him if it's ok to break the pills in half so I have something to take every day--less chance of forgetting a dose that way. ;)

Thanks again!
It get a very strong feeling that you're right about what the MD is thinking. The fact that he thinks treatment shouldn't start until the FTs fall below range is an ominous sign that he doesn't know much about this disorder. Healthy people have FTs at least at the half-way point of the range. Once they slide lower than that, symptoms begin.

My former endo told me she couldn't reduce my Synthroid dose any lower than .05 mgs, because anything lower isn't a "real" dose. That is, not a true therapeutic dose, and would do more harm than good.

Beware if you don't get an increase within the next 8 weeks. If you don't, find a better thyroid doc.