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I posted the other day that I'm about to ditch my doc and try to go the natural route. Wish me luck!! I've just had enough, I'm on meds and things keep getting worse. Just allow me a moment to whine and then I'll pull myself together, I have frequent migraines, I'm on Lexapro for anxiety/depression, hypothyroid-on Synthroid and currently, my TSH is worse than it was before I started the medicine. What is that about??! :rolleyes: I also have endometriosis which leads to some horrible PMS and painful mid-cycle times. I'm only 35, pretty active, I appear very healthy/fit but sheesh!!!

Has anyone tried anything else after getting fed up with the usual fix-its and tried something else,....that worked?
[QUOTE]...my TSH is worse than it was before I started the medicine. What is that about??!I read your post from the other day and saw your TSH is nearly 6.something? What is that about? :eek:
What is your doctor saying? He should be increasing your dose when your TSH rises. What is your dose now? Is it higher than when you first started? Are you taking it faithfully every single day at about the same time on an empty stomach, at least 6-8 hours apart from iron, calcium, or estrogen supplements/meds?

I can understand why you'd be frustrated. However, if you give up on thyroid hormone and try some herbal potion, you'll be making a mistake. Your thyroid is too far gone to try so-called herbal "boosters". Hon, your gland doesn't need a boost.... It needs a resurrection. Thyroid hormone, in the form of Synthroid or another brand, is what you need and is likely the only thing that is going to help in a major way. You need it in the right form (either T4 or T4/T3 combination) and in the right dose... and then you need the right MD to oversee the adjustments you undoubtedly need at this moment.

Have you got any recent labs to share?
Thanks for reply. I do really appreciate it. So yes, currently my TSH is 6.75. It was 5.1 when dx about a year ago. I've only seen my primary, whom I love. He put me on Synthroid 100mcg. TSH went super low on that so he moved me to 88 mcg. Next test TSH was good and he told me to come back in a year. A YEAR??! Fortunately I can test my own levels at work. After working out hard core, closely watching what I eat and GAINING more weight, I did a TSH and that's when I got 6.75.

Here is my thing, maybe I'm in denial so feel free to set me straight although I'd really like to try something else....I'm sure he'll up my dose again but here is my vision of the future...dose gets up'd, TSH stabilizes for a little while, TSH goes up few months later, dose goes up, this repeats time and time again until my thyorid finally says, "I'm done here gang!" Isn't that a likely reality?! I do not like it!

I have an appointment with a chiropractor that deal w/ women whose hormones have gone bazurk after giving birth. I also have one with a PhD that also specializes in thyroid/adrenal issues. Do you guys think I'm nuts?? Would your advice be to move on to an endo? I don't need prior auth...Ugh!!!