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I have been married to my wife for almost 7 years we have been together for 11 years. she is Bipolar but has been incident free for since 1993 up until march of 2005 and was hospitalized for 30 days after the birth of our second son. She is also HYPO and takes synthroid. Over of the past two years she has gotton better however the improvement has been stagnent for the past six months. As a result we met with another Pdoc from University of PENN just to make sure we are the right path. She is currently taking the following, Lithium 600mg a day, Geodon 80mg a day and effexor 150mg and just started lamactil and is currently 75mg a day. Recent lithium results were .6 and TSH of 5.58, PDOC wants to get Lithium up to 1-1.2 and TSH down to 1-2. She has been taking .75 of synthroid but recently met with an endo doc and increased the synthroid to 1.

I have seen improvements over the last two weeks and found out that she wasn't taking the synthroid because she ran out and was seeing the endo doc last week and got the new RX for Synthroid. over the last two days seen a change in moods to the worse i am wonderling if the synthroid is causing the mood changes since not taking for two weeks things looked alot better and after getting back on synthroid things are going in the wrong direction again.

anyone in the same situation, i am going to post in other board as well.

thanks for your help.