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Hi I actually found this board by mistake, but since I have had addisons disease since I was 14 I was so happy to see similar people! I am now 27 and I still have off days, and major anxiety, I have talked to the doc about that and he said it was normal! Its just weird I go from a normal 14 yr old, to majorly depressed or so the school and drs thought, my mom put me on a airplane to visit my dad in CA, as soon as I got off the plane I was throwing up blood, my skin was as dark as dirt, I was hallucinating, and I couldnt walk at all! So I got to the hospital, and they made me drink this potassium drink, it was horrible but thats all I could really remember, I woke up at Loma Linda University, with them shoving tubes down my nose, and I was in this dark room it was very very scary, but I blacked out again, I woke up to find out I was feeling a little better no more tubes, and my dad and my doctor were explaining what I had, they told me I had Addisons Disease, and Hashimotos! Well I got on 3 medications

Hydrocortisone 20mg
Fludrocortisone 0.1mg
Synthroid ( which I no longer take)

I have lived a normal childhood, and I have had 2 boys 9 & 6 but now that I am older I worry alot I mean I will cause myself to have panic attacks from worrying so much! I also have alot of anxiety which sucks, and I feel the need to always have something to worry about this has been going on for 3 yrs or so! Its just weird I want to be a normal person but I always feel as if I am weird or something, I know its all in my head but to get treatment for all that means more pills that I dont want to take anymore I am already on pills for life!!! And ever since I got diagnosed I wont take any pills not even tylenol so any useful info would greatly help! Ohand one more things I am also very tired alot lately my doc just did bloodwork and all looked fine! Sowho knows, thanks for listoning to my rant it is great to have people here in similar situations
Why did you stop the Synthroid? What is your TSH level?

How do you split your 20mg Hydrocortisone. What time of day & how much for each dose?
Mydoc took me off of the synthroid becuase he said my TSH levels were normal, I donot know what they are!!! And my hydrocortisone gets split like this...

3/4 tablet in the morning
1/2 tablet in the evening
1/2 tablet at bedtime
I have had hypopituitarism for three years. I take Cortef, but not Florinef. I also take Synthroid and human growth hormone for replacement. I, too, have suffered since my diagnosis with anxiety and panic. I currently take medications for both, and they have made a HUGE difference. I know how you feel about not taking more drugs, but they can be really helpful. I think it's hilarious that a person like me who was formerly healthy and wouldn't take an aspirin is now downing 10 pills before breakfast (I have GERD as well). If I have to be on these drugs for life, I guess I just have to, and I can see the strides I have made. Good luck to you in whatever you decide.