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I doubt there are many people who "want" to take meds...however, you've recognized that you don't feel well and in order to feel better, you may need to take medicine. I take Synthroid daily to keep my thyroid working - it's the same thing with anxiety. If I don't take the Synthroid, I get ill and could die. Sometimes, it's the same with anxiety. It is a treatable condition. I also have anxiety disorder and resisted treatment for years - however, I can tell you that it made a world of difference once I started on Lexapro and sometimes take Klonopin. Finding a great doctor and therapist are a must. It's amazing what talk therapy can do. Don't get frustrated - some sessions you leave wondering why you went - other visits leave you with having made a life changing breakthrough in why certain things worry you.

Above all, know that you can get your anxiety relieved. Start with your family doctor or ob/gyn and let them know anxiety is weighing on you and they'll get you where you need to be. Hang in there!!:)