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Hope this isn't too confusing.:confused: I've been hypo using synthroid for awhile. Have had stomach problems since 1999 (gastritis flare-ups) if I eat anything such as spicy, salty, caffeine, etc. Well I had a baby in June and throughout the whole pregnancy still had the problems but after I gave birth the problems disappeared and I was literally able to eat whatever I wanted including drinking orange juice which I hadn't touched for at least 10 years! Problems have resurfaced starting in October. My levels during pregnancy were always in the 1's but as of November are close to 3. Could this have come from higher levels? I realize during pregnancy maybe the symptoms simply came from the pregnancy and it wouldn't have mattered what the level was but I don't know. Endo said she never heard of this. So she increased my level again to reach a goal of the 1 range and since increasing I'm starting to have hypo symptoms. I'll make another post about this problem but thought maybe somebody reading this one could reply to that problem also.:dizzy:

My only other possibility would simply be the stress of returning to work in September but darn I want my good stomach back!:mad: