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Hello everyone, I was diagnosed in Aug. with Hashimotos and put on 50mg of Synthroid. After 6 weeks, I was still feeling pretty awful even though my TSH was 1.3. and I believe my T4 was 1.2, all within the bottom normal. He increased my synthroid to 75, and now after 6 weeks of that I am having hyper symptoms, and my TSH came back .33( .4-5.5) T4 was 1.2(.8-1.8) and T3 was 108(60-181).

So now I was cut back to 50mg again. So I don't know if my thyroid is also producing thyroid hormone or Synthroid is not right for me?? I am just sick of feeling like crap, since it has been 3 years of dealing with this( Diagnosed in Aug.)
What to do? Arrgghhh

I agree with Reece. It took them almost 5 months to get it right on Synthroid with me. I have to take .75 during the week and half on the weekends. It is really helping, but they are still tweaking.
Hang in there. Everytime a change is made, it takes 10 days for it to fully help. Can't tell you how many times I hear that lecture as clumps of my hair fall out in front of them.

Hang in there.