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[QUOTE=MAD MAZ;2745628]I have hypothyroidism underactive thyroid , this scares me!! I have real bad health anxitey my cholestrol was 5.2 should be below 5.

The doctor said its ok, I am 41 years old and am in the menopause so this is also not good for the heart...

I gave up smoking 2 years ago on the 3nd feb this year , and all that I can say is I have never been so ill, I didnt have a thyroid problem or anything before... Mandy

Oh yeah the doctor said my bad cholestrol is good what that mean???

I would be more concerned about my hypothyroidism than anything. It CAN cause heart problems. Low metabolism has a definite link to CAD. You need to have a complete throid panel including a FREE T3. If you don't have a freeT3 you are wasting your time. Many times T4 doesn't convert to t3 as it is supposed to. If you are taking only synthroid, it does not help the T3. You might consider Armour Thyroid (a prescription). If you doctor says you don't need a FreeT3 test, get a new doctor. FreeT3 is the active part of the thyroid hormone. Just for fun what was you TSH and are you on any thyroid medication. Thyroid problems should always first be treated before considering treating cholesterol.