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I had saliva tests run a few months ago and they came back with estrogen dominance, low testosterone and adrenal fatigue. I started taking an adrenal supplement (bovine), extra vitamn c and a progesterone/viamin e sublingual gel. I finally lost a few lbs (got lap-band back in April 06), but still having lots of symptoms and not really sure where to go from here. My Doctor (Endo)never even said anything about the test results and I'm not sure where to go from here or what else to try. He knows what am I doing and the things I am trying, but he's just not commenting. All of this is on top of having thyroid problems which I take Armour and Synthroid for. I am still drastically losing my hair and afraid I will be bald soon. I am also not losing weight and have no sex drive to speak of. Please help. I know that all of this is hormone related, but these Doctors want to treat each individual thing and it's driving me crazy.