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Thanks Reece, I have the option of going to Manchester Nh and doing an overnight and one scan 2 weeks after. OR I can have a scan locally and then go to Boston MA to get my dose or RAI and then come home and stay in my house for 2 days. I get really nervous driving in the city and Manchester,NH is closer to me so I guess that seems like the easier way to go. I did want to do it at home, but oh well. I don't want to drive into Boston either. I am a very nervous person so I am nervous about driving into Boston, but on the other hand nervous about the scans and being locked in a room at a hospital overnight if I end up doing it that way.

Oleander, to be honest with you i don't know what a path report is. I know that during the surgery the surgeon took out 8 lymph nodes(along with the thyroid glands, of course), and out of 8, 5 we cancerous. That is why I have to go along with this scan. Sometimes this all just seems to be so much as I just turned 25 a few weeks ago.

As for how I feel, I feel like I'm Hypo all over again, except with more symtoms than I have ever experienced. It's not very fun at all, but I'm trying to cope. I am going on tuesday to have my first bloodwork to check my levels since surgery. I talked to my Endo on the phone the other day and he said that with the dosage that I'm on(.175 mg of Levoxl) I should not be hypo. So if the bloodwork does not show that Im hypo, could it just be stress?Another thing I thought of is the levoxyl. Could it just be the meds? Maybe if I switched to synthroid it would help? I know that I have had generic meds before, and my body never agrees with the generic stuff. I always have some of the same symptoms, easily agitated, stressed, anxious, memory loss, cold. All of the hypo symtoms, but also some of the same symptoms that I've felt when I took the generic meds. Has anyone else had problems with levoxyl or generic meds before?

Sorry this post is so long. I just love having people around that have gone through this before, it's much more assuring than talking to people that have not gone through issues like this.

Thank you!
Since you are preparing for RAI soon anyway, it doesn't pay to go on synthroid until it's all over. You're on cytomel which goes out of the system quickly anyway, and they'll probably stop that 2 weeks prior anyway.

When you get on synthroid, after RAI, after you finally get to a decent dose, you will feel much better.

If you live with kids, you would probably want to stay in a hospital. I couldn't stay in the hospital, not an option here in NY, but, I would have preferred it, because I had kids and finding a place to stay was a pain. If you don't have kids it doesn't matter if you stay or not. You feel yucko because you are hypo, and you don't care where you are. And nobody else can drive you a long distance because of the exposure when you take the pill,

so go for whatever is easiest and simple. There's nothing to fear, it's just a weird experience because you are "radioactive" but you really don't feel anything. The scans are not a big deal, you lie down, relax, and your body gets scanned---I used an MP3 to stay relaxed.