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Hi, Kater. I'm really glad that the menopause idea was off-base!

I don't think high triglycerides are associated with such symptoms.

Did you have any "extra" tests that aren't part of the standard panels? Like thyroid function tests, for hypothyroidism? Those tests come to mind since you were on steroids (which can promote it) & given the problems you describe.

My sister had all normal test results, but her drs. had failed to test for thyroid function. When one dr. finally did, she was discovered to be hypothyroid & was immediately put on Synthroid.

This is just a thought (obviously I'm only a patient). Bye for now, with best wishes, Vee
Hi Katie,
BOY do I know exactly what you are talking about. I started having the overheated body with sweats when I was about 40 years old. Every test was done on me and nothing showed up....I felt like a total hypochondriac and eventually I got so i didn't want to see another doctor. Gradually many different things started going on and without going into detail, my Neurologist ran a bunch of bloodwork on me and found that I was hypothyroid, I had fibromyalgia, my blood pressure was sky high (211/110), I developed pneumonia and asthma which I had never had in my life and finally I got Hepatitis and then the docotrs all knew something wasn't right when they finally tested me for Lupus and it was positive. However, by that time I thought I was going crazy and I was so weak and trembled all over. What a scary time. The sweats lasted for years and right now I am in remission, and guess what? No more sweats. In fact, I have been going through a period where I actually feel cold sometimes and it is very refreshing. I had my Rheumatologist tell me that "autoimmune" conditions can sometimes cause one to feel hot. When I take showers, I gradually turn off all the hot water before I get out so i finally in all cold water just to get my body temperature cooled down, and once I get hot or overheated, it takes hours to cool down. People who have never gone through it can't understand it. I feel for you and there isn't much you can do but swim in cold water or get in a cold shower every hour. Another doctor told me that when one is on synthroid that can cause you to be hot, but all this started several years before I ws diagnosed hypothyroid and placed on synthroid so maybe the "Autoimmune" factor is exactly what it is. Good luck to you and I hope you get some answers. Please keep us posted and I would surely be very interested in what they find.

Best wishes.