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Hi Lindsay. You should check with your Dr., but I would say absolutely. I know that my RE tells me to take a prenatal vitamin every day (even while on clomid). Sometimes I forget. I try not to take it the same time as the clomid though, because I don't want the risk of one making the other ineffective or affecting the absorbtion. For example, I'm on synthroid, and I'm not supposed to take that with vitamins because it makes it less effective, so I space out everything.

One othher thing...I too am on clomid (150mg days 3-9)... no BFP yet, but I did have a blocked tube that they were just able to open...and a polyp removed from my uterus, so.... Right now, I'm on cd9, so I'm hoping this cycle works. I know a lot of women on this board have had success with clomid though.

Good luck!