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I hope you can stick with this, I have a lot to say.

My GP doesn't think I have a thyroid problem. In fact he thinks there's nothing wrong with me at all, which annoys me greatly.

I have had the TSH test done a few times over the past 5 years. It started out in the low 2s, increased to 2.8, and then this time 3.3.

I did pay for private testing a couple of years ago, and these are the results.

TSH: 2.8 - 0.4 to 4.5 mU/L
Free T3: 4.5 - 2.3 to 4.9 pmol/L
Free T4: 17.0 - 11.5 to 23.0 pmol/L

TgAb: 20.3 - Less than 60 IU/ml
TPO: 8.6 - Less than 60 IU/ml

So as you can see, my TSH has increased a little since then. My FTs were apparently fine, so it's possible they still are. Who knows. Important questions: Does my latest TSH of 3.3 indicate a problem even if my FTs are fairly unchanged from the above? Do the presence of antibodies, even within range, indicate anything is wrong?

My GP said that he would try me on a trial dose of synthroid, but he also referred me to an endo and we both agreed that I should wait until I see the specialist before I start the drugs, so that the drugs don't interfere with any tests I might have carried out. No matter what the result of this visit to the endo, he is willing to go ahead with the drugs. (although I suspect it'll be the bare minimum)
My appointment was set for next monday, but I got a call saying that the consultant decided that my case wasn't urgent and so they have put it back a month. I wasn't pleased, and I imagine it is because he saw my TSH results and he is probably hostile to the idea that I have thyroid problems before I even see him.

I have symptoms of both hypo and hyper, I'd say. I have some of the classics, but not weight gain. My main problems include light sensitivity and neurological, vascular symptoms like flushing and pallor of the face and hands, and sensitivity to touch. I have some symptoms that are like Raynaud's but it's not typical and heat is also a problem. I feel terribly ill when I'm under physical exertion, which includes simply walking about, with feelings of giddiness and nausea and my eyes water and are sensitive to light.