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I have the following symptoms and have seen a rhuematoloist, but no diagnosis yet:

Joint pain (all joints, fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, lower back and neck) very stiff, then loosen up after I'm up and moving around
Low WBC (have had this for 13 years, but no one has ever thought it was a problem) my immune system seems to work fine, I get sick less than anyone in my house
Protienuria-OFF & ON, always clears up, but have blood in my urine several times which also always clears
Abnominal pain - nausea/heartburn (am taking protonix after Zantac failed, and not Protonix isn't working)
Hashimoto's diagnosed in October (thyroid peroxidase antibodies 379) TSH normal now on synthroid
Sed Rate- normal
ANA - negative now, but has been positive in the past twice (like 10 yrs ago)
RA is negative
all other rheum tests are NORMAL
I have never had oral ulcers the only rash I get is when I take a shower I get a rash around my knees and ankles which goes away in a few minutes, once in a while I will have itchy skin, but nothing to write home about - I am very sensitive with sunburns, I have to tan VERY slowly, or I will itch so bad I want to rip my skin off (so I don't tan or lay in the sun without sunscreen)
Never had hot/red swollen joints

Does anyone have lupus who has never had the oral ulcers or rash?? I know I felt perfectly fine a year and a half ago, and now I am so sick of feeling like this, I could just about scream. I walk 45 minutes a day and still do everything I did before, IT JUST HURTS. I think my rhuemi has lupus in the back of her mind, but since I don't have the oral ulcers, rash or swollen hot joints, and negative ANA doesn't think that's it. She did send me to a hematologist, who pretty much said the same thing I said, "If something really bad was causing the low WBC, I would be dead by now or would have been in the hospital with bad infections".
Thanks and sorry for the long post.
Does this sound familiar to anyone out there?
Jodie, Hi. Have you read the 3 "sticky posts"? Look at the top of the thread list for the posts with padlock symbols. See the one titled "criteria to diagnose lupus"? You must meet 4 or more to be diagnosed with systemic lupus (SLE), but not necessarily all at once (think of checking each off in indelible ink). Given that logic, you don't have to have oral ulcers or rashes.

SLE is the main form of lupus, but there are other "subsets" in which you may meet FEWER than 4 of the "4 of 11":

1. SCLE = subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus. In this form, symptoms can extend thru the entire range seen in SLE; kidney & CNS involvement are possible but rarer, it's thought. ANA is positive maybe 2/3 or so of the time. Anti-Ro & anti-La are the most common antibodies. There are two characteristic rashes in SCLE, both nonscarring & nondepigmenting. Many patients fulfill 4 or more of the "4 of 11" criteria, but may fulfill fewer.
2. DLE = discoid. Rashes tend to scar &/or depigment. Only 50% have a positive ANA. Typically people with DLE fulfill fewer than criteria.
3. Two other kinds: neo-natal and drug-induced (DILE).

Criteria that are symptoms can be deceptive &/or slow-building. For example, I had blood in urine many times---but due to UTI's & stones, rather than to kidney malfunction. I edged into photosensitivity so gradually that I didn't realize it was happening. I had red bumps that I thought were insect bites; then one expanded into a circle, so my drs. treated me for Lyme. But a lot of targetlike rashes followed over time, but my drs. didn't recognize them as a photosensitive SCLE rash...

QUESTIONS: (1) Does your rheumie run all antibody & complement tests even though your ANA is more often negative? (2) Re: your Hashimoto's, could it, or the Synthroid you take for it, explain some/all of your problems?

I'll stop here & hope you post more soon. Bye for now, with best wishes, Vee