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I am so upset with my thyroid doctor. I've had a thyroid condition for about 10 years. A few months ago, I had my thyroid checked and it was way off (20 point something, should be between 0.40-5.00). She changed my dose and about 6 weeks later had it rechecked (was 5 point something, should be between 0.40-5.00). She didn't change my dose because it was coming down to the normal range. On Wednesday, had it rechecked, it is 20.90, should be between 0.40-5.00. I received my results in the mail with a note saying "your synthroid dose needs to be increased". The office is closed on Fridays. Why didn't see call me on Thursday and tell me to pick up samples and a prescription for another dose? Now I have to wait until Monday to call her. In the meantime, I have to take these pills that's not working. No wonder I've been so tired, bloated, miserable and moody. Now I'm worried about nodules coming back and maybe cancer, even though I had a thyroid scan or ultra sound (forgot which one) last year and it came back ok. Do you think she should have called me?