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I also have Hashi's and it was discovered while I had unrelenting hives 2 1/2 years ago. I was put on 25mcg of synthroid (my tsh levels were within the normal range) and was hive free within weeks. I recently started breaking out in unrelenting hives again and the first thing I did was to get my tsh level checked. It came back "normal" and my doctor was against increasing my dose of synthroid, but I did it on my own. Increased it by 50%. Within 3 weeks I was virtually hive free and now about 5-6 weeks later - no hives! You have to be an educated consumer even with medical care. I am going back to the endo in a week or two just to double check my tsh level and to say "I told you so" him! I hope you are on your way to being "hive free" - it feels great!!!
Hello Fellow Hive Sufferers... I have been on synthroid dosage 125 for two years and two months ago started having the horrible all-over-your-body hives. Had the allergy test done and am not allergic to anything but after switching doctors (why is it so hard to find one that doesn't dismiss you??) I was able to get the new one to give me a blood test and sure enought my throis was off again. They are now going to increade my dosage to 150 and I am going to INSIST on being referred to an endocronologist. I am hopeful the increase in my current meds will eliminate the hives, but I still believe a specialist is key in treating this. By the way, NONE of the over-the-counter anti-histimines helped at all. I was even put on a steroid for 5 days and that did nothing. UUUuuggghhh...