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I am 55, two years ago I gained about 20 pounds and had hypothyroidism am taking 12 mg of synthroid. I also have 2 compressed discs and sciatica in right hip. had 2 injections of cortison in my back and sciatic nerve. About 2 months after, my right toes started tingling then my left and both legs. In July I woke up with the left side of my mouth drooping and couldn't talk right. The Docs think it was a TIA. My MRI and MRA really didn't show that much. I have had high blood pressure but have been on meds. They said my blood sugar was high and I am borderline diabetic. I have been a chocoholic all my life but have not been heavy. My neuropathy is climbing it is in my thighs and both hands and left arm. My hands vibrate all of the time. My feet swell if I wear anything but flip flops. I have had so many test and they think I might have MS but all tests are neg. I have had 4 MRIs, MRA, spinal Taps, EMG and going for another MRI and EMG which probably won't show anything. The way the tingling is climbling is scary! Anyone else going through the same? Sorry this is so long.:wave: