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I have had joint pain now for a year, and after several doctors, don't have a definative answer. In October I found out I have Hashimoto's, & was started on Synthroid, thought that would help, it has not, saw a rheumatologist in January, she can't figure it out, lupus tests are all negative. She did send me to a hematologist due to a chronic low WBC count who ordered a bunch more tests and told me today that everything is normal, but my Ferritin level is 5 (which apparantly is very low, should be around 50) and he told me to take iron..... my B12 level is on the low side of normal at 320 so I am also taking a B complex,,,,,,,, still feel like crap.... I always feel like I have a low grade fever and am coming down with something. Every joint in my body aches.... I am also Vitamin D deficient,,,,, so basically I need every vitamin there is..... I am just going to stick to my rheumatologist and endocrinologist to try and get to the bottom of all of this... I hope someone can help you, I know so far, nothing has helped me yet..... I don't feel HORRIBLE, I just don't feel GOOD.