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Yeh- having your heart taken out wouldn't work all that great would it. Made me laugh after I re-read it. Of course it was my thyroid I had removed - or I wouldn't have been able to type a statement like I did. Things are going ok. Week three right now - on synthroid. At first it felt awful to take that medicine - but now it seems a little better. I just went and had my labs drawn - see the doctor for the first time on Thursday -so it will be interesting to see what my tsh level is. I am sure he will probably raise the medicine - my last lab test which was a week ago showed my tsh at 2.49 - optimal range 1.0 to 1.5 so I would figure the doctor will raise my medicine dosage. Little tired - hair falling out - but other than that - better than a few months ago. A lot better than if I had my heart removed!!!!!!!LOL