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HELP!! my test results are changing
Nov 2005 my T-4 free is 1.4 (.8-1.8)
TSH .05 (.40-5.50)

Oct 2006 T-4 Free 1.2 (.8-1.8)
TSH .45 (.40-5.50)

April 2007 T-4 Free 1.1 (.8-1.8)
Tsh .61 (.40-5.50)

I am still very tired, no libido at all, not sleeping good, tossing and turning and will fall asleep in the afternoons if i sit too long in one spot. He says not my thyroid probably have sleep apnea or depression. My TSH is going up and my t-4 is going down. Is this normal? I'm on .50 of synthroid and he thinks that is the right dose for me.
any advice would be appreciated.
I have tried to talk to my dr he just doesn't listen. He's the second dr i have seen in this practice of probably 12 different dr's, and they said i'm not allowed to switch dr's anymore. But from the time he walked in he said everything was great--no problems bloodwork looked good just keep taking .05 of synthroid. I'm at wits end--this practice is the largest in town, there are only a handful of other endos in the area and most of them are older doctors with limited patients mostly they see diabetics. I just know i'm not feeling normal and havent for a few years now. What else can i do?