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Thyroid level is like everything else with your body (blood pressure, weight, etc.) you can have fluctuations day to day. And I can relate to not wanting to take any more meds than what is absolutely necessary, before I was hypo the only pill I took was for birth control and if I had a headache I would often just wait to see if it would go away before taking an Aleeve. And now I take a BUNCH of pills everyday. (Synthroid, blood pressure meds, B12, Vitamin D, Adrenal supplement, aspirin, Fish Oil and Birth Control) But, the pill you are taking is supplementing what your body normally produces anyway but is not producing enough.

You say you do not have any hypothyroid symptoms but sometimes being hypo can affect things we are not even aware of. Hardening of the arteries and heart issues for example. Your body really does need this drug.

I also would not change the dose until you go back to the doc and get some labs run. You are on a pretty small dose already.