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Dear Angie, Welcome. I'm sorry you've had so many things going on. In answer to your question, I've only been diagnosed with one autoimmune, lupus. My big sis was just Dx'ed as hypothyroid and was put on Synthroid. It took awhile, but she'd started to respond well, is sleeping better, has more energy, and is finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

I had episodic problems from early childhood. By my 30's, I was so disgusted, discouraged, but dismissed by my local drs. It took my getting rashes to open up a new line of inquiry. I was finally Dx'ed at age 47 (!), by a teaching hospital rheumie, with lupus, and started Plaquenil---and it's helped a lot.

I read a lot. Before I was Dx'ed, I borrowed lupus books from the library, by two authors: one by Dr. Daniel Wallace, and others by Dr. Robert Lahita. These books helped me understand that all was not lost & that I really needed to push harder for better help from better doctors. Reading these books helped me gain perspective. Posting here has also helped, as I can see how NOT alone I am.

FYI, Plaquenil can take as long as 3-4 months to reach its full effect. So if you started it only recently, it may be "early days" still.

Good luck with your endocrinology consult! I hope you get your thyroid & adrenal concerns answered & addressed. Let us know how you make out, when you have the time, OK? Meanwhile, sending best wishes! Sincerely, Vee