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[QUOTE=Nyxie63;2996788]Was just dx'd with CFS today and the dr suspects adrenal fatigue as well as heavy metal toxicity. All this on top of a thyroid nodule the size of a lemon. Fun, huh?

He sent me home with a saliva test kit, a urine DMPS mercury chelation test kit (apparently this will test the amount of mercury in my tissues), and a list of blood tests. Since this all just happened today, my head's still spinning (more than usual). Just exactly how do you figure out where one illness ends and another begins?

Sorry, I'm rambling. Tired, confused, overwhelmed.

What type of doctor are you seeing? A specialist? An endocrinologist??? Make sure you are seeing someone real knowledgable and that you feel really understands and listens to you. I found getting my thyroid in order first really helped me figure out which were overlapping symptoms and what was the CFS/ME or FM. FYI, with treatment of my hypothyroidism with levoxyl (I stay just a bit hyper with a TSH of .40 to .80) my nodule went away I hope your treatment does the same for you. My mom had Grave's disease and they had to finally remove her nodule and thyroid. She does well as long as she sticks to her synthroid same time everyday (she also has FM and has done better with it after thyroid problem was dealt with)

Best of luck dealing with everything!