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I am being followed up for papillary cancer. Had a TT Feb 2006. I need to get the RAI ablation done again. Last time I did not go hypo because I talked doc into using Thyrogen. Well, didn't work right and now I still need remnants albated again. I don't know if the dose of the RAI was the problem or the preparation using Thyrogen.

I am absolutely dreading going hypo!! I am on 175 mcg synthroid and my tsh is very supressed...like .05 maybe less..can't remember.

Anyway...how long does it generally take before sympotms of hypo kick in? I will be rafting the Colorado River the first week I should be going off of it. Will I even notice that first week?
How long has it taken others to reach the TSH of 30 needed for the RAI?

Reece has given me some great feedback already. I just thought I'd throw this out there again with a more general title.

Thanks so much!
I know nothing about this Thyroid cancer treatment, you poor girl
* * *hugs* * *
I do know that synthetic T4 stays in our systems for a while. But how long EXACTLY, I don't know :confused: Hopefully there are some experts who can help you more , , ,

Could you put off stopping Synthroid until just before the end of Colorado trip? OR take 1/2 the dose :confused: during trip?