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Hi All:

My mother has been dx'd w/ cancer. She had a swollen lymph node pop up above her collarbone on the left side a couple mos ago. Ultrasound showed it didn't look right; CAT scans suggested cancer in nodes scattered through her neck & chest; PET scans showed nothing else anywhere. Biopsy said carcinoma. Oncologist believes that these spots have spread from somewhere else in her body. They did blood work, + did some tests on the biopsy sample. Her mammograms have always been clear, but they did an MRI (w/ a coil?) cos she has "dense breast tissue". Still, the MRI showed nothing.

Yesterday, we found out that the biopsy from her neck is apparently fueled by estrogen. They *still* can find no evidence of cancer anywhere else in her body. Today, they're starting her on Tamo.... (?).

Other than this, my Mom, who's 77, is in amazing health. She only takes synthroid (had her thyroid completely removed in '63), & fosamax. Former gymnast & tap dancer. She doesn't feel sick, has no pain anywhere, no swelling (the spot on her neck they biopsies has disappeared, even though they didn't remove it all), no digestive problems, nothing. She feels wonderful, & the only reason this all came about was cos of that lump that swelled up a couple mos ago.

Is this unusual? How effective is the Tamo....(?)?

Needless to say, Mom's very nervous, & we all are, of course. She's upset cos they don't seem to know where this is coming from. I told her to look at it this way - they can't find any MORE cancer anywhere! They seems to know what's fueling it, & she's starting a med today that will cut off it's fuel supply.

Any comments/similar experiences/stories? This is all new to me, & I'm at a loss.

Many thanks ~