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Mine has. I was originally put on synthroid and it soon stopped falling out. I'm now on Armour.
[FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="3"]Wow! I think the worst of this hypothyroid stuff is the hair loss and weight gain.
I'm on Armour thyroid 150 mg a day. The hair loss didn't stop until my dose was increased to this level. I also eat 2 tablespoons of Flax seed, that I grind myself, every morning. My hair depends on it. It doesn't really work well if your Free T3 level is too low for your system. It hardly worked for me until the doc increased my Armour. Found that out the hard way! Synthroid didn't work for me in a 100 ways.
Try the flax seed. You can't get the same results with the commercial preparations. You have to grind your own with a coffee grinder, fresh, every day. I add mine to unflavored yogurt because I like it that way. My mother adds it to her cereal and milk. She's 81 years old and last year her hair started falling out. Within three months her hair mostly came back. Her doctor refuses to treat her for her hypothyroid, says she isn't. I can see on her labwork that she is. What a battle! However, it still worked for her. She has not had any hair growth where it's not supposed to, and neither have I.
Good luck! :) [/FONT]