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It is just me, or do you all see a Lipor ad about every 10 minutes!

Taking Lipitor would be a last resort for me.

My cholesterol was high and I am looking forward to having repeat blood work soon to see if it has come down since I started Armour Thyroid.

High cholesterol is a side effect of under-treated hypothyroidism. Mine was under-treated for 25 years on Synthroid. I hope it has come down some!

But, they are really pushing Lipitor on us. That doctor in those ads should be ashamed of himself.

Your reply made me laugh. It's too true! The first appt with my GP (aka Dr Doofette), she sat down with the rx pad and said "ok, what scripts do you want?". It's a good thing I have a strong ethical streak. I swear, if that woman had to make a diagnosis her head would explode!

My ENT (Dr Doofus) isn't quite as bad, but close. He hates it when I come in because I have all these questions he has no idea how to answer. Him: *scowling* "You've been reading again, haven't you?" Me: *big grin* "Yup!" Of course, there's always the added bonus of being able to read your lab results as well as (or better than) your dr AND being able to ask intelligent questions about them. That's how I managed to avoid surgery. Dr Doofus wanted to do a lobectomy based on a non-diagnostic FNA. Ha! Double Ha.....with nuts!

Honestly, if it weren't for all the reading I've done online, I'd still be floundering. I'd have half a thyroid, be on synthroid, and still not know why I felt so cruddy. So far, besides my thyroid nodule, I've been dx'd with CFS, iron deficiency, low copper, vit D deficiency, elevated heavy metals, adrenal fatigue, and a few other things. And all this time, the endo I was seeing (Dr Clueless) blamed everything on perimenopause.

Thank the gods for my Holistic MD. He's the 4th (counting Dr Doofette) dr that I've seen in the last 6 months and the first one to actually listen. It's only because of him that I now have some idea of what's going on. He has no problem ordering the tests I ask for, provided I can backup my request. More often than not, we're on the same page as far as ideas of what might be going on as well as treatment. He's also found several things that the other drs, and myself, never even thought to look for. I loooooves my Holistic MD!

As for Big Pharma, they don't want us to be healthy. Where's the profit margin in that? Treat the symptoms and keep 'em coming back for more.