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I had a post before, but reading more into the possibility of fibroids I had a few questions.
For the last 2 months my period has been longer than usual. Not so much heavier than usual, but I noticed the blood seems more bright red than normal when I have my period.
Last month my period lasted for about 10-11 days. This month I got my period on the 13th, seemed to go away yesterday-no bleeding. Well, today I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was bright red blood again. and I did notice a small blood clot. I had to borrow a tampon, but when I changed tampons a few hours later there wasnt much bleeding. Now that I am home, there is no bleeding at all.
My periods usually only last 5-6 days at the most. I am not on any birth control and have not been on any for years. I know I am not pregnant (no chance of it).
What is going on? I am very very tired lately, but thats nothing new with me (I have hypothyroidism, but havent had that checked in awhile, so going to make an appt for that as I am taking synthroid, but a very low dose of it).
I have no pelvic pain or any other symptoms. I felt bloated before my period started, but that was about it.
Help me please! Any advice?
Get your thyroid levels checked again. You might need more Synthroid.

The periods you described are very much like the ones I had before I found out I needed higher doses of Synthroid.

It could be something else entirely, but since you already know you're hypothyroid, that's probably the most likely cause.

(Not a doctor, just very well-read on my own health disorders.)