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Hi. I had surgery in November to remove a ping pong size nodule from my Isthmus. (I still have the left and right lobe left) Surgery was the easy part. It's the regulating of my Thyroid levels that is driving me nuts. I didnt think it would take this long. I have been on 125, 100, 75, and now 88 mcg of synthroid. Every month my TSH level is different. Its gone from 56 yes a 56 right after surgery to 16 down to a 1 back up to a 9 as of last week. What gives??? How long does it usually take to get the level under control. Im sick of feeling good one month and like crap the next. When I was on the 100 mcg I felt the best . I was working out, finally losing weight but then I started getting awful heart palpatations. They figured I was on too high of a dosage. Backed me down to 75 for two months. Tired again. had my level checked last week. Was a 9. Put me on 88 mcg. I feel a little better this week but its only been a week since I started the 88. Was just wondering on everyone elses experience after surgery on regulating their levels.